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    You have the date, your outfit is stunning, and now all you need is the perfect car to compliment your evening. Why not arrive in classic style at your Graduation in Panama in one of our genuine London black taxis?

    The one way to get noticed at your graduation in Panama is to arrive in an authentic London Cab. With their distinctive and instantly recognisable design, you are guaranteed to turn heads and have cameras clicking. The car can hold five passengers so there is plenty of space for you and your friends. If you are looking for a truly unique, traditional, and different way to arrive for your special occasion then we may have just what you are looking for.

    London cabs are the vehicle of choice for the versatility, cost-effectiveness and ability to impress on any occasion. Your event will be made memorable and distinctive by the addition of such an exclusive vehicle. Each of our London Cabs comfortably seat 5 passengers, are extremely spacious, and have air-conditioning.

    Don’t neglect your dreams, as your Graduation in Panama only comes round once in your lifetime; this is why we want to make this a special evening to remember.

    London Taxi in Panama provide you with top class chauffeur drives that will follow your specified route punctually and treat you like a movie star on this - your biggest night of the year. Our intention is to offer premium services ensuring your safety and comfort throughout the whole night.

    If you are parents, rest assured that your children will be in safe hands with all of our drivers having undergone thorough background checks. Our consummate drivers will treat the graduation goers as if they were their own children making sure they arrive to their destination safely while transporting them in incomparable style. Your children will be within a safe environment at all times during the transport to and from the prom.


    For more details of booking our London taxi for your Graduation in Panama:

    London Taxi Panama

    London Taxi in Panama Inc are a small family-owned company with three ex-London taxis; two LTI Fairways from the final years of production of this iconic model and an example of its replacement, the LTI TXI cab from 2000.

    Following refurbishment and the fitment of air-conditioning, we have given these vehicles a new lease of life here in Panama.

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