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    London Taxi in Panama Inc is the original and only supplier of London taxis anywhere in Panama and Central America. We are a family-run business small enough to offer our customers a personal, professional and friendly service. We pride ourselves by offering an unrivalled friendly and reliable first class service.

    Our cabs make excellent and eye-catching platforms for promotions, ensuring that your campaign will be noticed.

    We can also make the vehicles available for photo shoots for personal photos, special events and for advertising purposes. The iconic London taxi, with its internationally recognised design, is an ideal backdrop for all photographic shots.

    Call us to let us know how we can assist you.

    With Linx Panama, MCN Panama, and Jesus Equiz as photographer


    London Taxi Panama

    London Taxi in Panama Inc are a small family-owned company with three ex-London taxis; two LTI Fairways from the final years of production of this iconic model and an example of its replacement, the LTI TXI cab from 2000.

    Following refurbishment and the fitment of air-conditioning, we have given these vehicles a new lease of life here in Panama.

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